Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two weeks till Christmas..

and we've managed to stay under budget! Shopping is done, boxes are piled high, and we are just waiting on more ordered present to arrive. The only part of the plan that I did not carry out - so far - was the Christmas cards. I went ahead and ordered Christmas cards like I always do. There were many reasons that I caved on this, but I think the biggest one was that the thought of not doing them just plain made me sad. And there are enough things to be sad about without adding something as silly as Christmas cards to the list! The cards, like the rest of our Christmas shopping, were paid for with cash, and we incrued NO new debt this season.

This week is Mike's company Christmas party, and we will be going for the first time. Afterwards, we're going on a real, honest-to-goodness *date*, to a movie and everything. We never go on kid-less dates... partly because of money, partly because of our busy schedule, partly because we LIKE hanging out with our kids. But this week we are, and it'll be paid for by yours truly, with money I earned taking surveys. All the more sweet.

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