Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Update and our Bounty of Produce

Aren't they beautiful fruits and vegetables? I wish I could say that we grew them ourselves, as I have been wanting to do a garden for the longest time, but this just isn't going to be the year. We did however, get them from a wonderful local food co-op for a great price. $30 for around $70 worth of fresh, delicious produce. And none of those awful plastic bags from the grocery store either! The kids have been especially enjoying the mangoes, peaches, and strawberries, and are looking forward to seeing what's in next week's basket.

On the debt front, March was another good month. Total debt is down over $700, and that is with Mike's furloughs still in full effect! When we first heard he was going to be getting such a substantial paycut, we were just hoping to be able to make ends meet. Debt repayment was the furthest thing from our mind... our hope was simply that it would not increase. The fact that we're making ends meet AND still paying down our debt?? A visible reminder of the grace of God.