Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Numbers & Unexpected Expenses

I'm tempted to skip my monthly summaries for the next few months, as we are going to be see-sawing up and down between our tax return, my school payments, and two vacations we have coming up... but in the interest of accountability, I know that I can't. So, total debt for February (thanks in large part to some tax return money):

Down by $2727.57

Unfortunately, March has brought with it some new expenses. Right now, Mike's truck is in the shop for a few different issues, and most likely won't be coming home for under $800. And this week, the boys went to the dentist for a cleaning, and while 2 of them are cavity free (for which I am thankful!) the third needs a couple of fillings: Another $250 we were not expecting or planning for.

I know we'll figure it all out - we always do - but I'm not excited about the $1000 blip in our debt repayment efforts. Ah, life.

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