Thursday, April 29, 2010

Desperate Times

Last year at this time, we took most of the money out of our Christmas account 8 months before Christmas. It was painful to do it, as we knew we wouldn't be able to fully replenish it by December. In the end though, we had a lovely Christmas, and didn't miss the lacking money at all. It had virtually no impact on our enjoyment of the holiday. In fact, last Christmas was arguably one of the best Christmases we've ever had.

This past week, due to circumstances largely out of our control, we did it again. This time our Christmas fund is momentarily drained completely, its funds sorely needed to get us out of a small hole and over another little hurdle. While I have no doubt that Christmas will again be just as wonderful without it, having to do it was an uncomfortable hiccup in a month has already seen our finances take quite a few hits (including the one resulting from our wonderful - and much needed! - vacation)

May is two days away, and brings with it birthday parties, travel, and well, more things that require extra money. Right now, my hope and prayer is that June can be a turning point for us, and that we can then get back on track towards ridding ourselves of this debt.

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