Saturday, January 22, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Part II

I don't know why I still get so worked up about money. Seriously. Everything works out, and I know this, and I've seen it happen again and again and

again, and


You'd think that after the first several dozens of times, I'd start to learn.  But nope.  I still stress out.  Then when things do ultimately work out - as they always eventually do - I vow to remember it.  I promise myself that next time will be the time that I'll go with the flow.  

And this is me, saying it again:  NEXT TIME, I won't stress out.  Next time, I'll go with the flow.

We found a camera on Craigslist, which we paid cash for.  It is an almost new Canol Rebel XS, which is an even better camera than our Nikon.  We found a nice lens for it (also on Craigslist), so we were able to sell the lens that came with it.  That along with our barely used Nikon zoom lens was enough to recoup more than half the cost of the camera itself.  We then listed our broken camera and dead laptop as-is on Ebay, and the bids on those are currently over $100 combined.

We had $75 in Amazon rewards from our credit card, and we also took advantage of a half-price gift card offer from Living Social. We combined that with some Christmas money, and some babysitting money, and last night we ordered a new laptop.  

Our vacation is still on, though we've had to move the dates around.  Since it moved from August to July, I couldn't take this session of yoga training anyway, so I'm at peace with postponing it.  I can however, take the session starting in November, and because it's that much later in the year, we'll have that much more time to save for it.

It all works out.

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