Wednesday, September 14, 2011

August Update

I spent a good portion of last month extremely stressed out about money... feeling the impact of a three week cross country vacation, and anticipating another 4 day, 4 figure jaunt to San Diego for a conference. What on earth were we thinking spending that kind of money? Was it a responsible thing to do, given that we should be focused on getting out of debt? But I don't regret it, on either front. It's paid for. And this month, I'm once again feeling hopeful and positive, because 1) we have no more vacations or extra big expenses planned for a good long while, and 2) we just took advantage of a great transfer interest rate and paid off one of our existing cards... which means that we're down to just two cards, our payments will have much more spending power and our balance will come down even faster. Yes!

Total Debt for August:
Down by $1263.16

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