Monday, February 20, 2012

January Update

February is nearly over, and this is me finally updating for the month of January.  Two positive things of note as of late:

1.  We just transferred the balance of one (of two) of our cards with balances from a 16% APR to 2.9%.  If all goes well, it should be completely paid off in five months anyway, but the savings in interest will be huge, and will give our payments more power, and

2.  Our tax return was the exact amount needed for the deposit on my yoga teacher training.  The rest does not have to be paid until July, and while it will of course slow down our debt repayment for a month or two, it is going to be money very well spent.

February will show a very modest decrease (if at all), but March should get us back on track.

Total Debt for January:
Down by $340.24

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