Monday, June 3, 2013

May Update

Look at me, posting twice in a week!

April was a very expensive month for us, and May was not a whole lot better... so it was with great excitement (and relief) that I did the numbers for May and found that we were regaining ground, and that our debt had still come down.  I'm actually really looking forward to our next paycheck on the 14th, because it will mean  three (count em.  THREE) outstanding little debts that have been hanging over our heads will be paid off, freeing up more money for our next targeted credit card:  a checking account credit line for $515, a personal line of credit of $159, and a Visa card with a balance of $750. 

Total debt for May:

Down by $2147.23


Unknown said...

Nice! We are chunking away too. Most of ours is in three BIG chunks though, which in some ways makes it a little easier. Every month I erase and write down the new number :)

Unknown said...

Don't know why it doesn't show my identity. I'll have to check out my settings I guess. It's Heidi Snavley, btw :)

NotAlice said...

Congratulations on getting the debt paid down. We're finally "debt free", if you don't count the mortgage on the house. Now we're doing the same as your June challenge. We're trying to get ahead and hopefully stay there. It's been a long road and we've made some tough decisions but it's also been enlightening and a great lesson for our children (9y,14y,&16).