Tuesday, February 18, 2014

January Update

Month one of a new year. We made the decision to shuffle some things around so that we can get our target card paid of sooner rather than later (yay!), which means that in just a few months, we should be down to just two cards with balances. Even though we'll still be paying the same amount to debt each month - just rearranged in a different way - the prospect of having an entire card paid off soon is HUGELY motivating.

February is an expensive month for us. Every year. Every single year. So I'm not anticipating a huge reduction for the next month. But January was fine (good even, since we celebrated my birthday, had two sets of out-town-visitors, and generally had a good time and still saw a decent reduction). One more month down, and that much closer to becoming debt-free.

Total debt for January:

Down by $821.73

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