Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Truck Update and Free Stuff

Last night, Mike came home from work, changed his clothes, and headed straight outside to investigate the problem with his truck. One hour later he came back inside and pronounced it fixed. One hour of his time, and not a penny out our pocket. YAY! What could have been a financial crisis turned out to be an easy - and free - fix.

And speaking of things that are free... If you're a mom, and not signed up with this site, you need to do it now. It's a company that reviews new toys, books, clothes, equipment, etc for kids. There is no cost to become a reviewer, and you get lots of cool stuff to review (and keep) a few times a year. I love it! I've received products 3 times now, and each time has been better than the last. Most recently I've gotten over $300 worth of cool stuff, and because they match the products they send to your profile, it's all appropriate for your own unique family situation. The reviews are easy to do, and when you're done you get a check in the mail in addition to keeping all the products!

To apply to become a reviewer, just send an email to I get nothing for referring people by the way. Just spreading the word! : )

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