Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June in Review

Lots to be thankful for today!

First, today was our last reduced paycheck until November!! We made it through the past five months, and overall we didn't do badly at all. In fact, I think we did better than both of us were expecting.

Second thing to be thankful for - I made some money this month. Not a lot of money, mind you, but real money, that I made myself working online. I'm anticipating next month being even better, and I'm excited.

And finally, I am thankful - exceedingly, indescribably thankful - for good health insurance!!! I found out today that my unexpected surgery a few weeks ago was billed at over $16,000. $16,000! And it's not over yet, as I still need - at the very minimum - another CT scan to see what is going on and how and if I need to be treated going forward. This in addition to the 10's of thousands I've already cost with my gall bladder, emergency room visits, and dental work. And the ironic part about it is, I'm healthy! I'm not a unwell person at all... have just had a very odd, unexpected, couple of years health-wise. Very very thankful for good insurance indeed.

Our progress for June: Total debt down by $365.35


Lesa said...

I'm so thrilled for you. Care to share your online $ secrets?

jen said...


Well I'm still doing my surveys, and have been doing better each month with that. I've been making a bit more money with referrals, etc since I set up my survey website too. I've also set up a few other small sites for various things to try out some affiliate marketing. I'm really just getting started, but am having fun and learning a lot! This site, is one I set up to promote the program I used. There are some free resources you can check out on there too.