Friday, July 17, 2009

A Plan

My husband and I make a good financial team. I like to play around with numbers and come up with creative solutions; he likes to make formulas and spreadsheets in Excel. We've had a working budget in place for awhile now, but yesterday - between the two of us - we came up with an actual debt repayment plan. We tried several scenarios (if we pay X dollars a month, it will take X number of months to pay off the credit cards, then the cars, etc) until we finally came up with one that seems both practical and feasible. We printed it out, and I have it right here in front of me... just looking at it, and seeing the numbers go down, down, down is a motivator in and of itself.

We know very well that even the best laid plans can change, and that God might have something entirely different in mind for us. But..

If there are no surprises, and we are able to continue snowballing our money, we will have everything but the mortgage completely paid off in less than three years. No credit cards, no car payments, no loans. Less than 34 months!! I see a light at the end of tunnel. It's still a ways off, but it's there.

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