Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Update

A few setbacks in July. My car needed new shocks... totaling almost $500. And our trip next month has fallen through (which will ultimately save us money in the long run, but in the meantime is tying up $550 that we may or may not see refunded) We decided to take a long weekend up to Vegas instead, so we booked the hotel, and bought some tickets for entertainment there as well.

We also spent more than usual on groceries this month, because we decided to try a 40 meals in 4 hours crockpot freezer plan. It meant an approximately $600 shopping spree, but should reduce our regular weekly trip down to $100 or less for the next several weeks.

All in all though, our debt still came down, and it's very encouraging to know that even on the not-so-great months, we can still see at least a modest reduction.

Total debt for July:
Down by $738.34


Joan Concilio Otto said...

Man, I was down by $30 this month and I was thrilled. $700-some? YOU ROCK!! :)

jen said...

But Joan! $30 is still $30 :)