Friday, August 30, 2013

August Update

Two things for some perspective before I give numbers for this month:

1) We just got back from our four day mini-vacation in Vegas. It was awesome, and a very much needed getaway. We saw some shows, walked through the ridiculous hotels, and otherwise just enjoyed a few days of uninterrupted family time, hotel pools, happy hours, and nice dinners out. And,

2) Mike is paid bi-weekly, and the way the paychecks and due dates fall every month, one check goes almost entirely to the mortgage, utilities, etc, and the other allows us the "extra" money to make a big payment towards our debt, and to pay off any out-of-the-ordinary expenses for that month. We haven't yet received that paycheck since we've returned from Vegas.

One plus two equals:

Total Debt for August: 
Up by 1031.07

In one week, we'll pay off the rest of our little trip, AND be able to take another good chunk off our debt in general (thanks in part to Mike's just-received bonus and raise, woooo!)  Then we're taking off again for just over two weeks, to take another cross country trip... with the goal of being totally back on track debt-wise by the end of October - mid November.  Onward and upward.

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Lynx said...

Hello, thank you for sharing your journey to be debt free. I am also trying to get all of my debt paid off, and am hoping to get it paid off by May of next year.

I was wondering if you're still keeping your survey website up-to-date? I checked out the link, but it doesn't seem to be current...