Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction basically says that like attracts like. Whatever you think about, whatever energy you give off - be it positive or negative - is returned to you. This concept applies to all aspects of life, including health, relationships, money, career. It's mentioned numerous times in the Bible, and there are countless books on the subject. The Secret is arguably one of the most well-known, but there are many many others.

I'm thinking about it now because I have been watching it manifest itself in my own life over the past few days. I decided to do something about our financial situation, and I announced it to the world (well, maybe not the world, but to my half dozen readers) I believed things would change. Tuesday I got an unexpected $3.00 check in the mail from one of my survey sites. Later that day Fed Ex came with a package, a product for me to test and review (for pay) for yet another survey site. Yesterday, our swim teacher had an unavoidable appointment and had to cancel our lesson, saving us another week of fees. And when we got the mail? An out-of-the-blue $250 check from an insurance error in our favor... from Everett's hospital stay 15 MONTHS ago.

Call it coincidence if you'd like. I choose to believe, and I cannot wait to see what God and the universe have in store for us next.

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Beth said...

YAY to unexpected money to throw at debt!!!